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Several issues with dwarf rootstock. They tend to have very fibrous roots that cannot go deeply into the compaction found in most clay soils. Even in good soil most need support both to keep them from falling over and to support the branches.

In being a very fibrous root systems they can get neither the oxygen nor the nutrients they need and they cannot penetrate the hardpan to go deeply so they often die early.

They are also subject to insects and disease in the root system when they weaken.

There may be newer dwarfing rootstocks that resist some of these issues, but in being dwarfs, the limbs are thinner and more prone to breakage.

In clay, I always had more success with 106 and 111, but, there may be newcomers. Both Treco and Rutgers could help with new info. Even with semi-dwarfs the proper rootstock is important with clay.
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