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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
Mensplace, can you explain the problem with clay and dwarf apple rootstock?
Nan, to add to Mensplace's ver good information, every rootstock has specific characteristics to help commercial growers select the best option for there growing conditions.

Lots on utube by nurserymen and universitys. One I watched yesterday showed about 10 different rootstock for peach, cherry and apple and the roots are NOT like a standard tree. Only one dwarf rootstock had a good central root. All others have a thin fine mat of roots so staking is a MUST.

The semi-dwarf stock is better and some do not need staking, or might need staking in its early years, but not later.

I am still searching the web for a list I once saw that provided details like staking or not staking, leaning or other quirks.

One nuseryman suggests building a raised bed to plant dwarf in areas that are clay. Because IMO the rootsystem is only a few inches deep.

Hope that helps.
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