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Default Adventures in tomato cages

Had a new idea for a DIY cage. At my last house, I bought the giant roll of CRW from Home Depot and made the round cages. But since I only needed 8, I ended up giving away probably 75% of the $200 roll, and it was a huge pain to transport, cut and store. I left the cages behind when I moved.

This time, I bought the concrete mesh panels instead, measuring 42"x8'.

I figured if I tied the ends together with zip ties, it would give me a circle with a 13" diameter which didn't seem like much. So instead, I cut them in half, and used three halves to make a triangle. This triangle has an inner area of 162 sq. inches (since the cut results in the loss of one of the 6" sections), versus the circle's 140 sq. inches. But the shape is uniform, and they can store flat in the off-season.

I think the CRW roll was only 5' tall, compared to 7' here. Cost is $13/cage. I'll need 6 of them, so also more cost efficient than other options.

Hope this helps someone!

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