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Originally Posted by b54red View Post
Has anyone grown Carolina Wonder or Charleston Belle sweet bell peppers? How did they perform in the southern summers? Both are supposedly resistant to RKN so they might be more vigorous down here in south Alabama; but I would like to hear how they have done for gardeners on this site if any of you have tried them.

Bill, I see you are into peppers too.
I have stopped trying to grow bell peppers. Instead I rather grow non bell sweet ones. Right now I am growing some red and orange small sweet peppers. I got the seeds from store bough package that come in various colors. They are much tastier than bell. I also like poblano and cubanel. But did not have seeds for them this year. My other mild favorite is Fresno. Luckily I got one germinated. It turns nice re quickly.
Jalapeno is my regular for fresh eating . But I'd prefer serrano. But again did not have seeds for it. So I have to settle with Jalapeno and Fresno.

Happy Gardening !
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