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Default Time for me to follow up and come clean

Well, I've been playing around with aeroponics and ultrasonic foggers for about 13 years now and I finally have a system that works for germinating my seeds in record time. I must confess, it isn't homemade. I found the best of what I was looking for in another brand. After going through so many Rubbermaid tubs, I grew tired of replacing them when the plastic began to wear. I finally looked one day at a hydroponics store and found a Power Cloner 45 made by Botanicare. It was pricey, but I've been using it steadily since I bought it 8 years ago and it's already paid for itself. I've also fine-tuned my process by using Rapid Rooter peat plugs instead of net pots or starting the seeds on cheesecloth. They're a perfect fit for the 45 holes in the lid and any moisture/fog that seeps through is recovered by the clear dome that fits on the top of the cloner. Pics below show my tomato seedlings from a few years ago that germinated in 4 days and produced true leaves in 10. I also get cucumbers to germinate in 3 days and they're ready to transplant in 8. One of the photos shows Gardenia cuttings. Those began to produce root nodules in 5 days (last photo) and I was VERY surprised by this because I have rotten luck propagating woody stems of anything.

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