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Originally Posted by cjp1953 View Post
Thank you again,great advice.I'll wait with the fan.In the past I grew them in dixie cups this year I'm trying something different.Thought it would be easier with a seed cell tray and save space until I transplant them into cups.If that makes sense.I have 2 4ft shop lights I put my cups under and will have over 30 cups when said and done.My heat mat is only 10"x 20"and would not be big enough with that many cups.
With my flowers and herbs I grow them in inserts, they don't have particular requirements. If I were growing peppers and tomatoes in bulk to sell, I would also use inserts for them - but less than 200-300 pepper/tomato/egg plant/tomatillo plants is manageable (for me) doing them more individually. This year I am waiting VERY patiently to start tomatoes and tomatillo ... last year I started them with the peppers and they got way out of hand before transplant time.

BTW, A 1020 tray fits about 38 (3-4 oz dixie cups) ... maybe you are thinking 10-12 oz cups?

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