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Default E-Z Bean Tepee on the cheap.

I said I was going to drill hols in a block of wood and do this but by putting it off I had a better idea.
The idea struck me about 30 minutes ago and I had to do it.
Just so happens I had some scraps left over from an other project.
Here is what I did.
I cut a 2x4 3 1/2 inches long because this is how wide they are.
I then rolled my saw blade over to 30 degrees and cut that angle on all 4 sides.
I did this in the gap between the fence and the blade, but I set my saw up so I didn't cut right up to the top edge.
What you will need is 4 of those 1x1 or what ever they are sticks of lumber you get at home depot or Lowes and a 2X4.
8 screws long enough to go through the legs and into the 2X4. 2 for each leg.
1-1/2 inches will work fine.
The top screw is put in first in the middle and then the bottom screw is put in at a 30 degree angle so it wont go through the bottom of the 2X4.
You need to pre-drill your hole so you dont split out the wood.
It is a littl clumsy to put together by yourself but it can be done as I did it.
This thing is so light weight anyone can pick it up and move it.
If you dont have a table saw or know someone that does you can go to a cabinet shop and they will cut out a slew of them for you at not much cost.
I will post a pictuer with my phone as soon as I post this thread.
This is so cheap and so easy I cant believe it.
What you will have when you are done is a Tepee that is about 6 feet wide all around the bottom and about 7 feet tall.

Happy Fermenting.
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