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Father's Daughter,

I have to say that my cucumber project has been a disappointment - but I think it has as much, if not more, to do with my set-up and inexperience with container gardening that it does with the Wonder Soil per se. Seems I might have had problems originally due to the lack of any bottom drains in the container and water ponding in the bottom two inches of the container. I ended up never knowing how much to water exactly and was sort of see-sawing back and forth with the watering (too much or not enough). The cukes were shriveling on the vine and leaves drying out - but I was still getting new growth. After a while, I turned my attention to starting my tomatoes, etc. and pretty much ignored the cukes (hidden from view in their little mylar "habitat"). I was thinking about pulling the plug on them, but when I finally looked in on them, I noticed that the cukes were finally starting to grow larger rather than shrivel on the vine. So, I decided to keep watering them, etc. and I'm now starting to get a few decent cukes - even though the plants themselves are pretty pathetic looking.

In addition to the watering problems, lighting could have been a problem with my set-up. Once the nights warm up a bit more here, I plan to roll the whole cucumber set-up outside, drill some more holes in the container bottom and see how things fare outdoors - under natural sunlight and with more consistent watering.

Sorry I can't be more helpful in answering your question. I think Kurt might be able to give you a better assessment of how the Wonder Soil works in container growing - when done by someone with experience in that department.

Other than the cuke situation, the Wonder Soil has worked out great for the seed starting and potting up. The plants have done very well with good root structure.


On the pricing....

Doing a quick online check, the Wpnder Soil @ about $19 for 2.5 cu ft expanded works out to be a bit less than the Pro-Mix BX @ $23.50 (not counting shipping) for 2.8 cu ft loose. As Father's Daughter mentioned, convenience and ease of use are bigger factors for me than price.

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