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My thanks go out to
.....Fred and Jimmy for being such gracious hosts. What a fantastic setting for a wonderful day.
.....Craig and Lee for pulling everything together for another fantastic outing.
..... To Martha for the wonderful mater ice cream, Craig for the great salsa, and everyone else who prepared food and drinks (who ever fixed the cream cheese dip you were a life saver. After mistaking Craig's "They have a good flavor" in his description of Black Scorpion Tongue pepper and biting into one, the dip was the only dairy product around to help quench the inferno).
......everyone that was able to share your tomatoes.
..... everyone that has shared pictures of the event.
..... everyone I met.
..... everyone who traveled to the event, hopefully all made it home safely.
My son and I enjoyed every aspect of the get together and we are looking forward to Tomatopalooza 2008. Warmest Regards, Gary & Josh Maness
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