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OK, here's my more frank response to the status of this event.

I think the silence is also a little indicative of the current status of the
It has evolved over the years from an informal get together to an almost
expected gathering that will just happen on the 4th Saturday of July.

For the past 5~6 years or so, the organization and tomato sourcing has steadily shifted to a minor few people. While the number of people attending has grown, the number contributing has stayed constant or even dropped. Folks plan to attend/bring tomatoes and then "life" happens. This is all well understood and there are no hard
feeling toward anyone for this, but quite frankly it has put a lot
of pressure on myself (the only one I can speak of to this) to ensure
that we have sufficient tomatoes for the 100+ people that come to

As Craig mentioned 70% of the tomatoes brought came from his back yard. A couple of years ago, Darrel brought (unexpectedly) about 40% of what we sampled. And I had brought 60%+ from three gardens one year.
This is unsustainable for the short and long term of this event.

So, if you ask me today about details of this event.... they are unknown.

I would expect it to be scaled back significantly though.

Please don't let this be the end of the discussion, as more comments/suggestions are welcomed.


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