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The earliest mention I have seen of a tomato that would fit the description of what we have today is of a variety from the Philippines about 100 years ago.

There are 5 separate mutations to the same gene that result in black tomatoes. It disables conversion of chlorophyll into the biochemical precursors of lycopene. The end result is that there are 5 separate mutations, but only one phenotype. All varieties that exhibit the same mutation can be presumed to be directly related genetically.

Notice that Black Plum is unique in this list. It is very probable that it represents a recent mutation. If you look at the group with Russian derived names, you will see that they cluster together which seems to indicate a single common point of origin.

Ananas Noire gf
Black Crimson gf
Black Zebra gf
Carbon gf
Cherokee Chocolate gf
Cherokee Purple gf
Green flesh (LA3534) gf
Indische Fleish gf
Schwarze Sarah gf

Black Plum gf 2

Black Brandywine gf 3
Black Ethiopian gf 3
Black From Tula gf 3
Black Krim gf 3
Black Pear gf 3
Black Seaman gf 3
Chocolate Stripes gf 3
Indian Dark Violet Beefsteak gf 3
Japanese Black Trifele gf 3
Paul Robeson gf 3
Purple Passion gf 3

Black Cherry gf 4
Purple Calabash gf 4
Purple Prince gf 4

Black Prince gf 5
Nyagous gf 5
Purple Russian gf 5


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