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Originally Posted by Nematode View Post
This was way back in 1983 or something and I have had shark before and know what cod meat looks like.

I think Long John Silvers uses 100% shark.
What ever it was it was far better than the slop we were fed in France.
A friend of mine that nobody liked loved France because he was an insulting rude jerk most of the time.
He stayed on a farm there for a month.
He hated Germany and the UK, and was arrested in the UK (England) for playing a guitar on the street without a permit and running his mouth off.
The only reason I got along with him is because I would just tell him to go blank himself and I wasn't there to see you anyway, go change your diaper.
He is the late husband of the woman that comes to see me every now and then.
A Falling Knife Has No Handle

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