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Thank you for the information, Bower. This gives me an idea for a location that just might work!

I planted my dwarf tomatoes in a bed that was shaded by a fence on the east side. There just wasn't enough sunlight to produce enough tomatoes (less than 5 per plant) for the time, effort,space and money spent. Time will tell if there is enough morning sun for celery. Luckily there's also a sprinkler head nearby for use when its too hot to hand water.

My first attempt for growing celery was in a 5 gal bucket which kept the plant alive but produced a thin stalk with lots of leaves. I agree with your observation that without copious amounts of water the ultimate product is nothing like a commercial bundle. No one to blame but myself. Nevertheless, I routinely buy a bunch of celery, use a quarter of the stalks in egg salad and the rest gets wasted.

It's amazing that you still have plants in December. Let us know how the pickles are.

- Lisa
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