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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
I have been following this thread for some time now and have seen it go from the original meaning to the so called barrel of potatoes controversy.

To me there is only one reason to hill potatoes and that is to keep potatoes covered so they dont get green.

The conversation the inserted itself into the thread(Barrel of potatoes) has nothing to do with this thread.

But since it is hear and I have seen itr here on the other potato thread I will say something about it.

Some time ago I was looking on line and saw tons of hand drawn pictures and articles on growing in barrel.
These (hand drawn) pictures showed that a person could get a huge amount of potatoes by growing in a barrel or box.
Many of these sites said you could use the standard russet potato not an exotic potato few have seen.
No where have I seen any real photographs of this.

Here is a video of the average family like we have here and their bountiful potato tower harvest.
It is about 10 minutes long but you guys should see it.
It is amazing.
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