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I just checked back into this thread and I am so sorry to hear about your wilt troubles. In the past I have had them too. I think that I did get past it though. In the fall, I bleached my soil well. I saturated it. No not a very good thing to do, but I only did it in the area where I had experienced wilt in the past two years. In the spring prior to planting, I then saturated the soil with MycoGro. I inoculated all of my transplants roots with it too. Three weeks after plant out, I reapplied the MycoGro to the entire bed. I only experienced wilt on one plant after doing this.

I know that you grow under plastic, so I don't know if this is practical for you or not. Just sharing what I tried and the results of my efforts. I do hope that you have some success. With all of the work that you have put in, you deserve it!
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