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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
Curiousity demands that I ask if you have a full time job elsewhere, I think you said you did,but I forgot to remember.

Yes Carolyn i do have a full time job at a local water utility. Most weeks i work around 45 hours but there are the heavy weeks i work 65+ every now and then. Im also on 24 hour call every 6 weeks for a week. I have my garden setup down pat. The first year of this system how ever was an endless learning curve.

Originally Posted by jmsieglaff View Post
Love that setup! Best of luck in 2017!

How many tomato plants do you grow?
I usually grow anywhere between 80 and 150 plants. With the micros last year i had well over 200 but this year im toning it back a touch. At least thats what i keep telling myself.
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