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Originally Posted by bjbebs View Post
Thank you Karen and Marsha for the seed. Set out one Karma Pink in late April in a garden spot that sees about a half days sun. It also competes with a nearby tree for moisture. K.P. makes a vigorous plant. It filled up a 6ft. by 2ft. diameter cage and spilled over the top several feet. It has a somewhat open growth habit allowing for good air flow. This plant showed absolutely no signs of disease. Fruit size is on the very large side, with some topping 2 ounces. Clusters held 4 -6 tomatoes easily. Tomatoes were on the tart side as far as taste. As the season progressed and dried up, tomatoes sweetened up a bit but not to the point where I would call the taste balanced. I like a tomato with a bit of a bite but these were a little too tart. I set out a couple cuttings in mid July, one in a pot and another in the ground. Both started producing late Sept. Still a bit tart but sweeter than the early planting. I left the pot grown K.P. out. It is now 26 degrees with a heavy frost. If it survives the cold I will post later.

To sum it up, I will try K.P. another year from saved seed. The vigorous, healthy nature of the plant alone make it worth another try.
Thanks for the report, its so interesting how differently the same tomato performs from one person's garden to the other. In my garden they had a lot of acid, but so much sugar that they were sweet to my taste. I suggest waiting until they are totally bright pink with no green at all before trying, (call it overipe), maybe that will improve the taste. Very glad to hear about the vigorous growth. Thank you so much for your excellent report.

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