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tnpeppers - It sounds like you'll need to rent a boom truck in order to pick those cherry tomatoes! You should get the local news to do a story.
Are they close to ripening? A couple of my plants this year had the usual markings, but were shaped more like grape tomatoes. The Esmeralda is a really nice tomato, but somewhat later.
I've been collecting seed the last few weeks and have started to upload new varieties to the catalog. I'll post some photos.
I also received a number of varieties from Russia and Slovakia - about 40 altogether. I'll need help from some of the Russian speakers here to figure out what they are. Unfortunately, the seed took almost 3 months to arrive, so they were started quite late and are just beginning to blossom.
It has been a crazy summer starting with drought and heat followed by torrential rains and hail. I''m going to the markets in Santa Fe and Los Alamos and supplying a couple restaurants. It keeps me out of trouble, but I'm stretched pretty thin!
Anyway, I hope everyones' summer is going well and look forward to hearing more results.
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