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Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope everyone can take the day off to relax and celebrate a wonderful summer of growing and sharing. Here the fields are turned under and everything is stored away. We have snow now in the valley, so it is officially winter.
I added a number of new tomato varieties for 2015. Some are releases from our development programs and others are from Central Europe and Russia. We also are carrying some new breeding stock and related species. There are native landraces of corn, chile and beans from nearby pueblos we have gathered as well. Here is a quick list of the tomatoes:

J&L Gardens
Ambrosia Orange UBX (experimental, high brix)
Ambrosia Rose UBX
Sleeping Giant
Wild Tiger

Striped or Banded Varieties
Amurskiy Tigr
Cal Red and Green
Favorie de Bretagne
Ozark Sunset

New Joe Rarus varieties
Green Honey
Snow Cherry

Amethyst Cream Cherry
Deutcher Fleiss
Finnish Yellow
Green Pear
Grightmire's Pride
King Kong
Korol Sibiri
Medovaya Kapla
Mrs. Schlaubaugh's Famous Strawberry
Pink Ruffled
Sakhar Bely
Sandul Moldovan
Severnaya Malyutka
Sibirskiy Skorospelyy
Sibirskiy Velikan Rozovyi
Tsiris Ovyy Sad
Vedmezha Lapa
Zluta Kytice

All this certainly kept me out of trouble over the summer!
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