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Default Cherokee Sausage

Greetings All,
I am the one who introduced several of you to the new chance cross between Cherokee Purple and Sausage.
Here is how it all started. Four years ago I notice this odd tomatoe in my patch. It didnt match anything I was growing. It was purple and pear shaped. Of course I saved the seed.
The following year that seed crop produced six distinctive varieties. The two most promising were CHerokee sausage and a long light pink. Others were varing shapes of purple.
I am loving the Cherokee sausage more and more. As someone said it looks like a puple opalka. Kind of three to four sided with a pointy tip, green shoulders that fade into purple. The flesh is increadibly juicy and sweet. The skin is very delicate.In fact it is the most delicate tomatoe I have dealt with. You just have to look at them funny and they bruise. The fruit doesnt suffer from concentric cracking but it does get some longitudinal cracking. Its a regular leafed plant with heavy foilage cover.
The name Cherokee Sausage works for me. Thats what it looks like and thats what it truly is.
I was very happy Tony and Amy called me about the tasting. It was great to meet everyone. The tomatoe diversity was incredible.
One other side note. On my way home from the conference at Clemson I stopped at the ashville NC farmers market. Its really almost a whole sale place but thats beside the matter. A fewer farmers or distributors where selling hierlooms by the bushel. Old German and Cherokee. 44 dollars was the going rate.

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