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Default Super Soil ??

Patti..i had a quick sleep so have found the soil recipe??..I must go out and do a Ph test....Thank goodness the plants are so strong that I can lie them down and work on the pot to release it and then its quite easy...I see some of my "final" propagation??? seeds are showing...I am also trying to grow roots on the Laterals just to see how I go....There are a lot of plants in the greenhouse that are not worth persevering with so at this point I am not worried about too many plants ...I still cannot get my seedlings right...maybe they should go outside and that may get the stems thicker...but in saying that my Eva Ste Wendal and Eva Purple Ball were both very weak seedlings and they have now got good stems on them ..I had nearly forgotten about them and its time they were put in a bigger pot..

Some time ago I bought a Screen Door down at the Habitat yard and I will be able to fit that as the rear door on my greenhouse may stop a lot of the wind but I could make some clipons that would stop it all together .... but it could be just whats required ...

Re the drums ..?? It was never my intention to sit them in water up to a level they would drown ...I have put a "wick" in the centre hole ....and it should feed water up to the soil IF I can find a suitable receptacle to sit the drum in and use as a reservoir........there is a 4 to 5 inch plastic frame at the bottom of these drums below the soil line ...In my mind is having something that is completely refreshed each time the reservoir has water put in it..I think that was a major problem last season for me ...but I will do some study on other self watering methods...

The PH in both drums is perfect at 6.5 which is real good news...the 2nd drum did have some myco and ground oyster shell put round where the root ball gets apart from epsom salts that should help ...I just have a sneaking suspician that these plants have been dormant since I got them....

In the morning I will have to try and sort out some stakes...if I can...there is still a lot of work to do but to see the greenhouse is a real reward for me ....It took 3 years to graduate from plastic covered designs to what I go out and see what I have now is amazing ..I only hope the tomatoes play their part....In the second season I had what I considered was a good crop but last year I was certainly bought down to earth ....after promising people tomatoes and then there were basicly none...
Regards Ron..
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