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Patti..I apologise cause I do not think I have explained my photos properly....The first two photos are basicly the same...The foreground plant is the Campari and the back one is the Black Cherry...they were both purchased from a garden centre... ...they were looked after then they were put in drums inside in the freezer and were doing great ( Early photos show that) then of course were sprayed with bleach ..their flowers and a lot of their lower foliage died and that was that ...How I got them out into the greenhouse...well I scooped by hand as much soil out of the drum (one at a time ) and managed to lift one out of their drum ,roots and all..I lay it down on a flat "stretcher" and got it out into the greenhouse ...I then lifted its drum from the freezer and got it out into the greenhouse where i repotted it with its own soil that I had bagged ...then I did the second one....I still do not know how I was able to do it by myself..But no damage was done although the Black cherry has sticking plaster round the stem so something the process.

Both plants have sat out there and been watered etc just in case ... and what has happened is they have both grown a brand new healthy head on each with the greenhouse with its high roof they have a chance... .....on their stems they also have some new laterals (no branches)and THEY are what the other photos are of......After all my effort I do want to get something ...the new heads may produce fruit if I can support them properly but I would presume the new laterals growing out of the spindly stem could be snipped off and try to be grown...however I do recall a method one can use by putting a soda bottle round the lateral while on the stem .....putting soil in the bottle where it would grow roots and then snip it off...Both would be ideal plants to try that method on....The Black Cherry I have no seeds etc for although I could get some ...The Campari I have Seedlings growing....Now I do not believe its too late ...there is every chance that Summer is still coming??This weather cannot continue...Apparantly to my sister its all over the South Island ......perhaps the North Island also...
Of course I could learn something persevering with these two plants and at my age I need knowledge..Yes I do notice the purple blotches and I have watered both with MG....
My seedlings have had the wind treatment again but not outside ..with the window open and the back door also the house is like a wind tunnel..

Regards Ron..
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