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Originally Posted by Sherry_AK View Post
Long ago I believe the TOS included language that TOS could be changed with notice to members. That wording was deleted (without notice to members as far as I know) some time ago. I do pop in a read TOS from time to time and notice changes. So, without actually reading TOS each time a person signs in to T'ville, one would not necessarily know the rules. That is one of the reasons I seldom post here any more. Also, disappearing threads disturb me. Just my opinion.

Sherry,you are absolutely correct that TOS could be changed without notice, this from TOS

(These guidelines are subject to change at any time without prior notification. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts at our discretion without prior notice or public explanation)

However, I just checked TOS at the bottom of the page and it's the same as it was as posted by Mischka in Feb, 2006.There were many times from the first day I was here that I had to check TOS,b/c I was new here and at no other place where I'd been a mod had I seen that and did so when dealing with specific problems here to be sure I was Ok with transmitting info to the person(s)involved.

A thread disappearing?

The mods of certain Forums have the ability to make some changes in the Forums where they are mods and any Global mods wouldn't know about it unless things go wrong and then Michael or myself or Mischka would be notified about it,usually via a PM/

As for disappearing threads only Mischka or active Global mods can do that and that means either Michael or myself. And I would know about that as well.

So if you see any more disappearing threads please contact me and let me know about it.Or Michael or Mischka if you prefer.

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