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Originally Posted by mobiledynamics View Post
I don't have a horse in this race as I don't have a history of that thread. Threads in all forums get deleted. It really depends on what level of moderation is deemed and accepted by both mods and the participating members. The members/content is what makes the forum ~the forum~. You can choose to stay or go, afterall, it's ~their forum~. 2 sides to each story I suppose

I've walked away from forums due to heavy handed moderation...but it's to one discretion whether or not it's acceptable to you. for example, I cook heavily. the mods on the chowhound forum are pretty heavy handed. Even when a manuf. is not upselling their brand but posting useful information, threads get deleted if the mod's sniff a manuf. rep posting. I still hang my hat there even though I feel the moderation is too biased.
Barb is the mod who is in charge of the food and recipe Forums, I strongly suggest that you contact her about what you just wrote.

Or if you don't want to do that I can cut and paste what you wrote and send it to her and direct her towards your post here.

Please let me know which option above you feel most comfortable with.

Barb I've known for several decades and she also was a mod in a similar capacity at another message site where I was as well, but with two exceptions,I don't think anyone here now would even know which site. Barb and I left there at the same time when the site got nasty, as did the Webmaster, I still remember his name was Riley and he had had it as well.

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