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Originally Posted by luigiwu View Post
How did you find seeds for your Kang Kong
Hop on ebay and search for "kang kong seeds" and you will find a number of listings under $2 shipped. I bought once from a seller in the Philippines, and another time from Hong Kong. Somehow they can ship 400 seeds to the US for $1. There are several listings with 100+ purchases and good feedback, and in the description they mention they sell the white-flowered variety, which is what you want for growing in soil.

I make no claim as to the legality of purchasing these seeds, and if I lived in FL or TX I would certainly be careful about growing these near waterways. However I am growing in containers, and we get freezing temperatures in the winter, not to mention I cut mine back regularly and do not let them go to seed.

My two 5 gallon containers with kang kong have been giving me more than I can eat all summer. I'm making a Thai-style red coconut curry today with eggplant and lots of kang kong greens. Sometimes I sautee a little garlic, onion and kang kong in olive oil for a side dish. It's not limited to Asian-style meals.
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