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Originally Posted by HudsonValley View Post
Has anyone used the granular Dr. Earth fertilizer called "Home Grown," for tomatoes, vegetables, and herbs? I bought the liquid kind and applied it a few days ago. The plants seem to have liked it, but I had a few issues with the hose applicator and wound up smelling like rotting fish. Once I finish the bottle, I'm thinking about switching to the dry kind if it's any good. (Last year, and at planting time this year, I used Mater Magic. While it works really, really well, those cute little tomato-shaped bottles get expensive.) Thoughts?
That's what it is in the photo I posted above. I don't know if they have a more granular type, but I bought the 12lbs bag for $25, it is more powdery than granular. I will have to grow some tomato in the container over the summer in order to find out, but it seems like decent stuff. It have some seaweed smell, but not that bad.

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