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Originally Posted by dustdevil View Post
Use silicone caulking to glue blocks of wood to the granite wall. Where you apply the blocks, the wall must be wire brushed clean and washed. Screw your trellis to the blocks. While the silicone is curing, you must keep the blocks supported, so they don't slide down.

I would also consider making wood hooks that go over the top of the wall for support...2x4 that are bolted together.

Drilling granite would be futile! The drill would need to be water/oil cooled...
Oh you absolute star! Hooks over the wall! I already had willow stakes woven through it, which were mostly coping in our high winds but were leaning forward due to the prevailing wind direction. I needed some extra reinforcement at the top. So I just now made some wire hooks, fixed a lead weight to one end, molded it over the wall and wound the ends into the trellis. It's perfect! And the wire+lead is barely noticeable on the other side of the wall. And this way I can move the trellis easily at the end of the season!
It's just for beans, so the weight won't be much of an issue. Hurray!

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