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Originally Posted by dmforcier View Post
Control methods for Chinaberry, aka Melia azedarach

"Control Methods
  • Basal bark application with 15% to 30% triclopyr ester; treat 1-2 feet of trunk for larger trees*
  • Fell trees over 6" in DBH (diameter at breast height) and treat stumps with up to 30% triclopyr ester (apply within 5 minutes of cutting)*
  • Hand pick the berries and dispose in plastic bags
*Perform herbicide applications before fruit onset to avoid another generation of plants.
Triclopyr product, such as Brush-B-Gon®, is available in local garden and hardware stores."
Nope it is a controlled forest I am going to grow and harvest some day for the wood.
The heart wood is beautiful and kin to the mahogany.
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