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Default Sustainable Ag. Conf. -- Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

2016's is coming up next week -- Nov 4-6 -- this year's is in Durham, NC --

We won't be bringing any tomatoes to taste (though, with the warm fall we've been having, we actually *could* bring some stragglers that're still on the vines yet... but we're being selfish and keeping those to ourselves). But we'll be hanging out and talking, and you can rummage through our dollar packet bins and pick out some new tomatoes to try next year.

There's a nice seed swap. And Craig will be giving a tomato talk!

I really like CFSA, it's always great to hang out there, I've missed out on it the last few years... now I just gotta be good and do my share of helping to write up the new SESE catalog before we go!!
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