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I grow in standard EarthBoxes which typically hold two cubic feet each of growing medium. The fert quanitity is generally about two cups per box, +/- depending on the strength. If its organic 3+ cups and I mix it in but if its synthetic I apply it at a strip on top. As to your specific questions I have had a problem growing tomatoes which are very heavy feeders using only organics unless I supplement often with liquids. Typical growing medium is fairly lacking in micro colonies although I see you have added worm castings, I don't add any manures of any type to mine as they will muck up the growing medium faster. I have a hot climate, similar to yours and I start early. Actually I have been planted out for a couple weeks. Topping off should not be a problem as long as your box is constructed property. EBs are a contained system and use a cover on top which I see you do not have.
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