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I have a constant drip setup for my earthboxes. It's what Earthbox advertises as the automatic watering system. Last year was the first year I setup the system. I didn't finish the setup for all my earthboxes.

What I noticed was that, the boxes with irrigation tube produced at least by a 8-10 fold difference when compared to my non irrigated boxes.

All boxes had organic fertilizer with tomato/pepper/okra. Some tomatoes were also hit by blossom end rot. I wonder it it's because those types grew so aggressively that they used up all the fertilizer in the box very quickly. I'm going to try adding calcinit and Epsom salts again this year. I didn't experience blossom end rot when I did use those in conjunction with fertilizers the previous year.

I wonder if the water supply you have setup is enough to feed you plants or if it's a mulch issue. Earthbox comes with a plastic mulch cover that's designed to help retain water.
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