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Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
I'm more inclined to think they are underwatered as people have noticed.
I think the bigger problem of organic in this case it's not the 'herd' but moisture. If enough moisture doesn't reach the fertilizer it's not going to decompose soon. Also you can't really add any later when water comes from below. For organic I think that top watering is just simpler.
But, in your case you can do both since you didn't cover them with plastic or anything. Just add some top water from time to time and should be good.
And yeah, in anything soilless, going inorganic is just much easier.
I agree the wicking issue needs to be addressed. Top down watering if the wicking is not happening correctly. With liquid organic fertilizers always water them in from the top.
Inorganic fertilizers are for those that can't hack the organic learning curve.
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