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Default sin defence of atomic fertilizer and kathy

I see several comments defiling this atom smasher and crowleys. HEADS UP!

I have spent about $2,000.00 over a period of 4 or 5 years at crowley's nursery. everything was okay until about a month ago when i purchased some plants and that atomic slop. included in my purchase of about $400.00 was a beautiful lychee tree which was to be front and center for my florida house. when i got home i noticed that there were some brown spots on the leaves and called Kathy. She assured me that everything would be okay and that it was just going into shock and instructed me to spray some of that atom stuff on the leaves. per her mixing instructions i did that and to all of my other plants and planted the lychee. UHOH!

everything that i sprayed went south. leaves turned brown. some plants died while others were able to withstand the storm and survive. again i was assured by Kathy that everything would be okay. now, over a month later, the lychee is a dead stick, probably due to that atom smasher, and they refuse to replace it saying what you bought is what you get.

the only think that i could say, in email, was BYE. yes. there is a fence there. FAIR WARNING.
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