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Let The Spring Begin !

I was at Lowes and Wally yesterday. They are selling cole crops and lettuce, ALL Bonnie plants, TOO EXPENSIVE !! A six pack of lettuce for $3.50 ?!?. Never in my life. My mesclun is germinating in the cold frame.
I bought a bag of onions set, $5 per 100 sets. Good deal . That is like 3 cents per onion. And I planted them after I got home. The problem with sets is that they bolt a lot. Thats ok. In that case we enjoy them as young onion.

I also bought Broccoli seeds. I will start them in the cold frame today.
My chives and parsley are growing but thinly. So I sow more seeds in the bald spots.
Yeah, not to forget the sweet peas , carrots & Cilantro already planted.
How can I forget the garlic that I planted before Thanksgiving !. My first plants ever in my new location / garden. They are so robust.
C'mone ! Get out in the cold and plant some cole/cold crops !

Happy Gardening !
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