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SQWIBB has written an excellent summary of the main points.

I think that much money is wasted on microbial formulas which are added to soil. Soil is not sterile and it already contains billions of microbes and other soil life. If you do not kill it with excess fertilizers, solarizing or tilling, then there is no reason that it will not keep reproducing and remain active in your soil.

Healthy and happy microbes make more microbes until they run out of food and then they will die off so it is important to have enough organic material for them to eat and decompose.

If you are adding compost then you will already have plenty of microbes in your soil.

I do use an innoculant for growing peas because it contains a bacterium specific for peas and it does increase the yield. If I grew lots of peas in the same area every year then I would not add the innoculant because the bacterium would already be there. However I only grow 2 rows of peas and I rotate their location every year so I add the innoculant as insurance.
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