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Comparing my KBX fruit to those pictured, mine consistently produce PL leaves with roundish to slightly oblate fruit. I don't remember ever seeing a fluted KBX fruit. That is one of the reasons I like the variety. From blossom end to stem end, they have always produced round slices of tomato with very little waste. While my KBX store well, they do bruise easily resulting in a spot which may quickly start to rot. If you dry tomato slices, KBX produces very attractive orange slices. They are not attractive in salsa becoming a slightly brown color. While I really enjoy the flavor of the KBX, I don't eat them on BLT sandwiches. BLT's have always required a more acidic tomato flavor than KBX provides. In cooked dishes, they do not produce a strong tomato flavor if cooked in the dish. They do however produce a good flavor if added near the end of the cooking process. They do provide a very attractive appearance in dishes along with their unique taste.

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