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Originally Posted by KarenO View Post
HaHaHa potagular!

a rose by any other name...
makes no difference in the grand scheme of things

I hope you get some super early fruit for your table!
Each year, I usually buy some very mature tomato plants from a local vendor. He gets them from Grainger County greenhouses (Grainger County has lots of commercial greenhouses). I usually get beefsteak types and they will usually be about 24 inches tall and lots of blooms and some fruit set. I don't know what my vendor pays for them, but I pay $3.00 each or 4 for $10.00.

Most times, I get known hybrids like Big Boy or heirlooms like Cherokee Purple. But sometimes I get others like Pink Girl, Fantastic, and Empire. They give me very early large tomatoes. I hope my local vendor stays in business. Otherwise, I'm really gonna miss him.

You take care, dear lady. I'll let you know what I find with the new releases from the KARMA project. Nice work and a couple of solid gold "ATTA-GIRLS" for you and Marsha.
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