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What shape was the tomato? Flattened globe, heart, plum?

As for peeling, when we can we just bring some water up to a simmer and drop the tomatoes in for a short while, fish them out, and the skins will come off quite easily.

If you're not canning, it's a little trickier. I'm a peeler; that is, I peel all tomatoes for fresh eating. My parents are peelers, my dad's family are peelers, so I became a peeler. Heirloom tomatoes tend to have thinner skins than hybrids, and I've found this can make peeling more difficult. There are definitely quite a few heirloom varieties that will peel nicely, though. There also exists a tomato peeler, which looks somewhat like a potato peeler. Someone gave me one, knowing I am a peeler, and it works ok, but I find it tends to take off the very outer layer of tomato, along with the peel, so it's a little aggressive for my taste.


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