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Here is a sample recipe.

1. If you are growing in an area that is not big enough to merit a soil test you could use a “complete organic fertilizer” that would not be as good as balancing your soil but better than nothing. Here is one recipe that can be used to cover 100 square feet. It should be applied to the soil annually in the fall and better yet in the early spring and mixed into the top 3 inches of soil using a rake or digging fork.

2 pounds feather meal
2 pounds fish meal
3 pounds soft rock phosphate
1 pound kelp meal
1 ˝ pounds agricultural limestone
1 ˝ pounds gypsum
1/3 cup potassium sulfate
1 teaspoon borax
1 ˝ teaspoons zinc sulfate
2 teaspoons manganese sulfate
1 teaspoon copper sulfate

This will weigh around 11 pounds and should be mixed into some compost, spread on top of the soil and then dug into the top 3 inches of soil using a digging fork or rake.
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