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I have lots of double blooms here and there throughout the garden, ( lots of times first blooms are doubles on my hearts for example but generally they pollinate well and grow big but obviously not giant tomatoes.
I do have one double in Sutherland 5.63 from Dan so I am keeping that one removing all the normal blossoms but next to it on a Domingo I have a bigger one with an abnormally thick fasciated stem where all the others have normal stems. I will keep this one, looks like possibly 4 fused.
Not sure and I donít want to mess with it. Iíll look more closely once it opens fully.
So far my biggest bloom. I removed the other normal buds from this cluster.
I have no clue but Iím going to see what I should feed this guy. I planted it right in ground not a pot or bed. Will mulch well with my compost for starters and go from there.
I think I will buzz it to help it pollinate fully once itís open also.
Will be Fun to see what happens I will hope for a bigger bloom on the 5.63
Nights are still very cool so that contributes to higher incidence of fasciated blooms I think?
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