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Alright Ray, I read through the rather short two post thread that you linked (the link was dead unfortunately. It seems Dr. Ingham was raising the concern that we have folks (such as myself) using products, like mycrogrow soluble ( and biotamax ( that include and label Trichoderma, but at least some of the research suggests the Trichoderma will consume (seek and destroy the good fungus we're trying to either cultivate or even maybe that which has already taken hold in the biosphere. If this is so, how can these manufacturers actually include it in their tables/packets as a combo products? I feel like we (or certainly I) must be missing some of the puzzle pieces. I recently ordered another tablet of Biotamax with the intention of brewing a batch in a way similar to what GT87 was doing with Actinovate. I now have two reasons to be concerned with that approach (and likely many more than I know): (1) the Trichoderma aren't supposed to grow well in a fluid suspension; and (2) if they were to grow well, they'd wipe out any fungi I'd cultured in the batch and possibly the mycos and what-else??? in my soil/root structure on drenching.

So many unanswered questions in this field.
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