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Originally Posted by clkeiper View Post
WOW! you did a fine job on that PC. Well done. Now can you use it? I took the screw down petcock off of my really old PC and replaced it with a "rocker weight" stem and 5/10/15 pound weight (I think it was mirro) set. I think it cost me maybe 20 or 30.00 to swap that out. I bought the parts at Lehman's hardware in Kidron.
Carolyn I can use it.
I tested the gauge, the petcock and ran it through a trial run everything functions properly.

What I may do is Change out the pressure releasing device to a weight or something else.

I also need to get a bigger pressure canner that I can use on my flat stove top.
The All American they say I cant use as it doesn't have a flat bottom but I can use the Presto.

I was in the barn the other day looking for something and saw this old thing sitting there.
It looked so sad.

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