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Beans have better germination in the presence of soluble nitrogen, especially when old or weak. A solution of 1 oz. of liquid fertilizer per gallon gives good results. Organic fertilizers may require more to get the same nitrogen concentration, and I recommend boiling those unless they indicate that the solution is sterile. I get my best results germinating difficult beans in fine sand, with the above solution.

Pigeon peas are tropical, and won't mature in my climate... so I have not tried growing them. However, germinating them in a warm place is a sound strategy. Provided there is enough seed, you might also try soaking the seeds over night, and planting only those which expand.

If the seed turns out to be dead, you could probably find some in a local grocery which sells Asian or Hispanic dry goods. I've seen them here, and if they are present even in my hole-in-the-wall, chances are you could find them just about anywhere.
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