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Originally Posted by Gardeneer View Post
All of my okra has germinated/sprouted.
Tonight's low forecast 40F. Tomorrow night 46F. Then will go to 50s .
I'll plant them out on Monday.
I think we wont have anymore frost this year. I am sure 99%. Maybe 99.99%
You better hope so okra does not like anything close to freezing.
I was a little put out by the temps in the 40's here a couple of nights but all is well.

I just got ate up by fire ants again cleaning out a side bed.
Planted some orange tender sweet watermelon next to the okra and have no expectations of it doing well at all.
If it does the fruit will be suspended on the trellis some how.
I honestly dont think anything will do good for one reason or another.

One thing is for sure they wont do anything sitting in the house in a seed pack.

Dill is next then I have to light smoker for the brisket bacon experiment.

Off to the garden again.

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