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Originally Posted by Durgan View Post

I never tried the Chefs specials, since I am not a big fan of garlic. I stink too much if I eat it, since it comes out of my pores. I like growing it, since it is so easy and takes little care.
The solution to that is to find a bunch of garlic loving friends and family members. If everyone stinks like garlic, no one notices or cares!

Glad you made it to the festival. We've hit both the Hudson Valley festival in NY and the Bennington VT festival in the past. The NY festival was enormous with dozens of garlic farmers selling a huge variety of garlics, and I'd love to make it back out to it one of these years. Bennington was smaller and more of an artisan fair with about a dozen of garlic farmer's booths scattered amongst the food and craft vendors.
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