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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Carolyn I can use it.
I tested the gauge, the petcock and ran it through a trial run everything functions properly.

I also need to get a bigger pressure canner that I can use on my flat stove top.
The All American they say I cant use as it doesn't have a flat bottom but I can use the Presto.

I was in the barn the other day looking for something and saw this old thing sitting there.
It looked so sad.

"What I may do is Change out the pressure releasing device to a weight or something else."..... That is what I did to mine. The petcock screwed right out and the stem of the rocker weight fit right into the thread.

How heavy is your pressure canner or how many quarts will it hold? I am afraid to put mine on my flat top as heavy as it is. I would be wasting my stove if I cracked the top.... and it was my grandmas stove. I want to keep it as long as I can. so I keep using my old one down in the basement. The other thing I though about was getting a propane outdoor cooker to set the canners on. that would be nice if I had a covered porch or patio.
carolyn k
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