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Default Totally Tomatoes

Last night I got a phone call from Tomato Tomatoes, they were concerned that I had made a mistake on my order and called to doublecheck before filling it.

What happened was that I filled in my form and decided midway that I wanted another 1/4 oz of one of the seeds I had already written down. I didn't want to do a cross out and make a messy form, so I just added in that extra 1/4 ounce on a separate line.

I am completely delighted that they showed concern to make sure that my order was correct and that I had not made a mistake in what I had written down. It's this type of customer service that makes them, IMHO, one of the very best catalogue companies I order seeds from.

There's lots of catalogues to order seeds from, but it's the service that keeps you a customer. Totally Tomatoes delivers good seeds and good service--to me that means everything ;-)

Here is their link:


PS--I cross posted this over on th GW forum as I post in both places, not everyone visits both sites.
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