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I was emailing about membership. I paid over the internet by credit card. After several days of not receiving any reply I sent an email asking if they had received it. As I'm a little nervous about making internet payment. After a few weeks I saw where the payment had went through on my credit card. Then sometime later received the summer book but still have never heard from them. Usually you will get a thank you from most businesses and an invoice you can use. I know in my job and also my businesses if I handled business like that I wouldn't have any. I also use these kind of opportunities to test a business to see if I want to do business with them. Maybe expecting the kind of customer service I strive to give is too much. I have received prompt replies from some who I've yet to do business with. These are some who I read on these boards to watch out for. So guess maybe we all have different experiences with each. I joined SSE because of what I had read here but don't plan to resubscribe. JD
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