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Of the several saved seeds for "Tiny Tim" I grew out this spring, one plant turned out not to be a micro.

I'm pretty confident that I was being sufficiently paranoid about seed prep area cleanliness, so I'm leaning towards hybridization to explain the result. The other varieties grown nearby were "Indigo Rose" and "Italian Ice", both of which have traits I'm interested in crossing into the micro background. (I was planning to do the TTxIR cross this year.)

I'll be watching this plant as it develops, as hopefully there will be some traits which will help identify the pollen parent. Since there are two dwarfing loci ('d' dwarf; 'sd' sun-dwarf), 1/16 of the F2s should turn up micros... If the determinate trait ('sp' self-pruning) is considered important in the micros, then we get 1/64 of the F2s that will be micros... which means I'll have to save LOTS of seeds to screen.

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