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Another day.... but the final load of Leaf Mulch!!!

Thankfully, im finally done with the Leaf Mulch phase of the project. I went this morning to my "go to" place and had them pile some extra in. Looking at my scale house receipts, on average I have been bringing back around 3/4 of a ton. This time around, 1.2 tons.

The next step, hotly debated. Till the amendment in, or leave right on top. I thought hard about that. Both having pros and cons. I have decided that Im going to till it in. Essentially, im in a hurry. I dont think that tilling in will cause the end of the world. Directly after tilling, the plants will go in, along with Organic Fertilizer. This year I have had some good luck with Espoma Plant Tone, so Im going to stick with that. I can get the 25 pound bags from a local source.

Tomorrow morning I will be off to the Compost Facility to get Wood Mulch.

And oh yes, I made a new friend.

On one of my trips back and forth I found this little fella. I want to encourage more of this. Im really wanting to go full circle with a Perma Culture attitude. I want to invite turtles, birds, bugs (yes good and a small quantity of not-so-good).. and other critters that encourage a well defined eco-system. Believe me, I didnt start out that way. I wanted to have each square inch under cultivation, to maximize my investment. Now I feel differently. That, that attitude, is what has caused so many problems in the ag. world.
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